• 1960s
    BONIE and JANE humble beginning
    Mr. Bonifacio Cabras’ mother who owned a charcoal business started retailing in the vicinity of Brgy. Pahina San Nicolas, Cebu City. When his mother passed away, Mr. Cabras took over the family business. With sheer determination, he expanded the market coverage into entirely the whole of Cebu City, and the nearby metropolis including Mandaue, Talisay, and Lapu-lapu. Thus, making him the Number One wholesaler and retailer in the line of charcoal business, which eventually made known Brgy. Pahina San Nicolas as “Ulingan”.
  • 1970s
    Business flourished
    The charcoal business flourished in the year 1970 until 2005.
  • 1990s
    Ventured into Septic Hauling
    Bonifacio Cabras’ vision led him to venture into another line of business which is Septic Hauling in the year 1990. He started manual hauling, until God’s Guidance led him to acquire a truck, for suction purpose, that help his business in operation with other competitors.
  • Mid
    Acquired City, Abella, and Borromeo Septic Tank
    In mid 1990s, Mr. Bonifacio Cabras expanded his Septic Hauling Service by acquiring City Septic Tank, Abella Septic Tank, and Borromeo Septic Tank.
  • 2007
    Ventured into Portalet rentals, massage, spa and wellness
    By the year 2007, Ms. Jane S. Jumao-as, co-owner of BONIE AND JANE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE, together with Mr. Bonifacio Cabras, took BONIE AND JANE into greater heights in the septic hauling industry. They ventured into Portalet (Temporary Toilet) rentals, and opened Bonie and Jane Massage, a spa and wellness haven, in Brgy. Pasil.
  • today
    in the
    Leading and top most choice of Cebuanos in the field of Septic Hauling Services
    At present, BONIE AND JANE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE, is known for its integrity, reliability, and dependability, in the Septic Hauling industry. BONIE AND JANE catered most of the biggest hotels in Cebu Island, to name a few, Shangrila Hotel and Resort in Mactan, Water Front Hotels in Cebu and Mactan, JPark Hotel and Resort in Mactan, Marriot Hotel in Cebu, malls like, the Gaisano Chain of Malls, SM Mall, industrial institutions like, Mitsumi in Danao, MEPZA 2 & Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority in Mactan, Tsunieshi Ship Building in Balamban, and most of the commercial establishments and residential houses in Cebu, expanding even in the Island of Negros and Leyte.

    Today, no doubt, BONIE AND JANE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE is the leading name and top most choice of Cebuanos in the field of Septic Hauling Services. Making BONIE AND JANE the Number One in the industry.

    BONIE AND JANE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE is looking forward to serve more Filipinos and soar greater heights in the years to come by the Grace of God.

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